Grammy and Grandpa Tim Come to Town

A little over a week ago, we had the pleasure again of hosting my parents for a weekend. I'm not sure how many trips to Ann Arbor they've made in the almost 7 years in which I've lived here, but it's enough that there are not a lot of things left to show them.

Nevertheless, there were a few. After a couple years now of Rachel hearing from me how great Chelsea's Common Grill is, we all went out to experience this gem together (thanks, in part, to Deb and Corey Mantel). Yummy warm chocolate fallen cake was had, and a nice tour of the village of Chelsea ensued. We also got to introduce my parents to Mochi ice cream and an obligatory trip to bubble tea was also enjoyed.

We also took a trip to the hospital, so that Rachel could show off our baby girl to my parents (who have been officially christened Grammy and Grandpa Tim in their grandparent roles), via her mad ultrasound skills. A good chunk of the rest of the weekend was absorbed in the dishwasher adventure already chronicled, but overall it was a wonderful trip. Thanks for making the drive. =)