The End of Pregnancy

Here at the end of the nine months, there are a couple of lovely last experiences that must be mentioned. First, a brief visit from our good friends Adam and Kelly Rogers this past week, where Kelly and Rachel got to pose for their co-preggers photo. Adam and Kelly, all the best until you meet your little Andrew.

Second, one of the parts of parenting that I'm incredibly impatient to indulge is that of childrens' stories. Thanks to all of you who were part of our book mail shower. Special thanks to the Sisters McLaughlin for hosting. And yes, the stuffed chick in the photo is, in fact, a book.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited you got so many great books. I am recognizing more that I love too. Eric Carle is a great author. I also have Runaway Bunny..enjoy those..that is one great reason I like being a teacher is reading kids books ALL the time. Love you, Mariah

Natalie said...

I think the children's books are some of the best parts of little kids. Anything by Eric Carle or Dr. Seuss is great..