Conversation Stoppers for Overeducated Evangelicals

There is an irony (somewhere, I'm sure) in my posting this, since I only understand about 7 of the 11 jokes below. But the ones I do understand are funny enough for me to believe that those of you that understand the remaining 4 will enjoy them. Thanks to Peter Bast.

Conversation Stoppers for Overeducated Evangelicals
Sunday, March 22, 2009

1. Yeah, I never really got that into the Narnia series.
2. Flannery O'Connor is overrated.
3. I was actually hoping global warming would hasten the eschaton.
4. Of course we should free Mumia - with the gospel.
5. But weren't the Crusades a response to Islamic aggression?
6. Christendom? Count me in!
7. I'm not sure Anglicanism is working for me.
8. Sure you can filch patristic milk for a while, but you should buy the cow eventually.
9. Did you ever get the sense that more of us should have become pastors or missionaries?
10. Hello! [contains too much hell]
11. While it's the early Kinkade that most moves me, I'm convinced the best is yet to come.