Observations From -29F

I call Tennessee my home, where the Christmases are tender and the schools close for cold rain. However, I am going on my 7th year in Ann Arbor, and my standards have been redefined during this time. I can now drive in snow. Warm beverages are a staple. 20 (F) is the new 40.

Nevertheless, this morning is easily the single coldest morning I have experienced in over 2000 days in Ann Arbor, and it took about 15 seconds to realize it, despite the fact that yesterday was -1F. I walked (briskly) to the bus stop, shivered for a bit, got on and tried to warm my toes, and then we passed the Big Red "A", which has a digital thermometer, which said -14F. Once at work, weather.com pronounced my wind chill -29F. Some observations from this new nadir:

1. I hope I never get accustomed to this.
2. Beards freeze within 20 seconds.
3. Nose hairs also freeze.
4. Bus doors get stuck.
5. The combined body heat of a packed city bus will still not warm up my feet.


Abbsters said...

You forgot the school closings, Eric!! Haha this probably has little effect on you, but the younger populace has been praying for -20 to appear on the superintendent's thermometer all week!!

The Drs. McLaughlin said...

as long as the younger populace doesn't do anything to land them in the Pediatric ER, I'm good. =)