Donkey Basketball

My sister Mariah is an elementary school teacher in Thompson Station, TN, and she told me that she will soon be participating in an unusual fundraiser for her school: Donkey Basketball.
I had never heard of this, but apparently it has a long history, and there are whole businesses who travel around providing donkeys for this game. In short, the participants play basketball, while riding, leading, or coaxing their donkey across the court. There's a very unverified Wikipedia article talking about how PETA et al. feel that it's cruel to the donkeys. This makes me aware of how much of the world I have truly been unaware of.
Mariah, I hope you have a great time.


Anonymous said...

It was an interesting experience...I don't know if it was more cruel to the donkies or us... ;) Mine would not allow me to get on it and I spent most of my time running after my donkey trying to keep up. It was a success event and everyone was crying they were laughing soo hard at us!