Into the (Minnesotan) Woods

I love my family. Last August, I was chatting with my cousin Josiah when he off-handedly mentioned that he would soon be trying out for one of my all time favorite musicals, Into the Woods. His college was hosting the production in November. Excited, I promised him that if he would get a role, however small, I would travel all the way over to St. Paul, MN, to watch him. Fast forward three months. Josiah not only had a role, he had the MALE LEAD. Yes, my friends, it was quite an accomplishment. And I also discovered that my mom, his mom, my brother, his brother, and a smattering of other cousins and their families would be making the journey as well!

Eric and I decided to make this our big family Thanksgiving this year, which we are really glad we did. I drove out to MN a few days early and got to see my best friend from college, as well as spend time with my goddaughter Jaina (and her 4 siblings) at the Childrens Museum. The whole family had a big Thanksgiving brunch together, played plenty of games, and generally just had a blast spending time together. The highlight, of course, was watching Josiah the star wow the audience with his stellar performance (he was the Baker, for those who know the fun fractured fairy tale of a story)--see picture. We also threw in a picture of my family hanging out at Perkins after the show.

Sometimes we find it really hard to be living so far away from our families, who are spread out all across the US. It's weekends like this, though, that make us thank God for the blessings of the time and the family that we do have. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.