New Ambulators Beware

We had the pleasure of hosting 33 people in our house last night for dinner, a chance for candidates for Rachel's residency program to get to know existing residents. 6 of those people were children, 5 of whom were old enough to walk, but not old enough to hang out in our very non-childproof home without close supervision. Briefly, I submit to you the ways in which our house is not childproof:

1. A cozy woodfire in a hot wood stove protruding from the wall.
2. Drums et al. that are actually somewhat valuable, yet sit on the floor and appear to be fun to bang on.
3. Radiators in operation.
4. Mousetraps (currently not loaded, but sometimes...), and lastly...
5. Daggers, swords, and arrows at the eye level and reach level of someone who is 2' tall.

No one hurt and a great time had by all. Please don't let this hinder you coming to visit with or without your little loved ones. =)