A "New" Album: C-Sides

Little unrefined extra songs are often known as "B-Sides".  One could argue all my albums to be "B-Sides", so this collection will be called "C-Sides".  I think the audience for this one might be a bit small, but recognizing that I am graced with a few people who have really thoroughly explored my prior albums, I would offer this as well, a collection of orphaned demos.  The epiphany for me was the fact that I really like these songs, and the only reason they never made it on to a prior album was that the recording seemed unfinished or just not quite what I was looking for.  So, I hope you enjoy it.  Please do give me feedback on these rarely-heard songs.  

Here's a little explanation of the tunes.

1.  Shot Through.  (2009) When Annie Dillard exclaimed one August "Where was I while the world was being eaten?", I thought I found my metaphor.  Becoming a doctor meant seeing people's wounds and problems way more than before.  The corollary is that you have to draw near to that if you want to bring healing, and the corollary to that is that Christ has thus treated us.

2.  Lalibela.  (2008) In Ethiopia, there are a few ancient churches which were built by hollowing a church building out of the stone of a hill.  I became fascinated by the concept of descending into emptiness to worship, and what that might mean.  This is the first of several tracks here that were recorded with a $20 Radio Shack mic and some creative use of the Windows accessory known as "Sound Recorder".

3.  Lady of the Wood.  (2005) These next two songs were recorded for the 5-song disc that we gave away as our wedding favor.  It was inspired mostly by a journal I bought for Rachel with a cool leafy pattern.  Thanks to Jeff Bourque for the extra guitar licks.

4.  As He Gives.  (2005) Another wedding song, with the first verse full of snapshots of a trip to Turkey that Rachel and I thoroughly enjoyed.  As I listen to it now, I think this song may be the best love song I've written for Rachel.

5.  I Just Want to Cover My Eyes.  (2001) My friend Ryan and I recorded this at Belmont University at the same time as Queen of Flight from the "6 years" album.  I've always been sheepish about the drum loop, but Rachel and others swear that they enjoy it, so here it is.  I wrote this after a college road trip to the Grand Canyon, and the first two lines of the chorus are still some of my favorite cadence that I've ever written.

6.  Sky and Soul.  (2007) Victor Hugo wrote something like: "There is a spectacle grander than the sea, and that is the sky.  There is a spectacle grander than the sky, and that is the interior of the human soul."  I liked that, and it opened up some interesting comparisons between the Sky and the Soul.  Another Sound Recorder effort.

7.  The Years of Man.  (2008) There is a lot that I like about this one.  At its heart, it is trying to express just how unwilling we all are to believe that time actually does pass.  It continues to shock me.

8.  Being Known.  (2004) I recorded this in our bedroom the week before we got married.  It's possible that every time we cross the bridge from "knowing about" to "knowing" someone, something miraculous has taken place.

9.  Rings True.  (2008) The complexity of Christianity is mirrored in the complexity of reality as I encounter it, even within my own self.  If you look for it, you'll find a Narnia reference, as well as a nod to the odd juxtaposition of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes.

10.  Of the Father's Love Begotten.  (2007) My favorite Christmas hymn, performed at our church in Ann Arbor.