Grandma! (and "friends")

We were VERY excited to welcome three special visitors in June:  Grandma, Auntie Joan, and Auntie Lois.  My mom and her 2 sisters met up in New York City for a few days (Lois and her husband live in Manhattan) and then flew to Paris for a fun 5 day whirlwind tour.  They then braved the train to come and stay with us in Albertville for a week!  (my mom actually stayed two weeks)  It was so much fun to see them, the kids loved having so much attention (and presents) and Eric and I enjoyed a much needed break, with more time to study for our French exams (which occurred during my mom's second week here).  

The first night...everyone wanted to sit by grandma.

Toby was not set down the entire time!

The second day they were here, we all took a hike up to Conflans to see the beautiful views.

Three Senechal sisters for 3 kiddos...perfect!

After they had been here a few days, Albertville experienced a heatwave!  Seriously, it was in the upper 80s for 3-4 days, hotter by at least 10 degrees than any other day we've lived here, with the exception of our first weeks in August.  The kids spent a lot of time without clothing on.

We also made it to Annecy for a day, which was really pleasant weather.

(Maggie wanted to show off her new princess ballerina crown from Aunt Joan)

Thanks for coming!  We loved having you. :)  (and Toby was a really smiley guy!)