Simon Comes to Visit

Maggie overall seems to be having a good time in her French class.  Although what she actually does each day is a mystery, she looks happy when I come pick her up.  This mystery is probably a combination of a three year old's memory, the fact that her day is entirely in French, and the one meeting I attended where the teacher explained to all the parents what their kids did every day was approximately 2 days into my language learning and I had NO CLUE what the teacher was talking about.  Probably similar to Maggie. :)  But at least when I ask "what did you do today," she has transitioned from answering "I don't know" to "Je ne sais pas." (the French version)

Well, last week Maggie brought home a new backpack.  We were able to deduce, with a bit of Maggie's help, that she was bringing home the class mascot for a week, a bunny puppet named Simon.  All the kids in the class get to have Simon stay for a visit, and then they help fill out a notebook of pictures and stories from the visit.  Simon arrived with the notebook, some instructions, and a cute little book about Simon the bunny who doesn't want to go to his first day of school.

Here's what Simon did at our house:

Met all Maggie's animals (and Ben's too, for good measure)

 Checked out Maggie's Christmas stocking, which we had just hung up.  Apparently this is not a French tradition.
 Went to the library with Maggie and read some great French books (Eric takes the kids a few times a month, and we have a library card so we can check out books and bring them home.  Great learning tool for Mom and Dad!)

Met Mimi and Bapa on the computer!

Thanks for the visit, Simon.  Glad to be a part of some French learning.


Anonymous said...

Kids do this in preschools in the states, too. Such a cute idea. Did you write a French note to go back with Simon explaining his adventures? This is such a good exercise for mom and dad along with Maggie.
Love, Grandma

Timothy said...

We were so happy to meet Simon. I bet she misses your fun house. Anyone notice how much Maggie's
eyes and brows look like Grandma's?
Love, Mimi