Christmas in Nashville

We were in Nashville Dec 22-28 (sorry if we missed you...we actually missed everyone except for Eric's family since the visit was so short).  The kids had lots of quality time with Mimi and Bapa at 3 and 4 in the morning.  Trying to maximize our time with them, you know? :)

Eric's family has lots of special Christmas traditions.  Some we got to experience, and there were some new ones as well.  I have been hearing about McLaughlin Christmases since I met Eric, and yet this was the first time ever that I got to be with his family on Christmas Day (and the first time in 8 yrs for Eric).  The family has grown from 6 to 14 in that time!

On Christmas Eve morning, we opened gifts with Mimi and Bapa.  Ben got some trucks and cars, and Maggie got a magnetic "paper" doll set with Disney princesses.

Then the rest of the family came over and Aunt Mariah had brought along some cute Christmas props for Christmas photo booth photos.

The big surprise of the morning had to do with the cowboy Christmas theme.  Mimi and Bapa got a friend to come over with his HORSE!  We weren't sure how the kids would do but they were all REALLY excited to ride the horse around the yard a few times.

The cousins played together somewhat...not too many arguments over toys!  I think things will continue to get better as they get older, too.

Christmas Eve night we went to a family friendly service and then Mimi revealed the annual grandkid Christmas jammies.  Hooray!

Maggie and Ben also got an "Ipad" (V tech kids' thing) for Christmas.  Hopefully hours of entertainment on the plane ride home. :)

Christmas morning we had a nice brunch and opened stockings.  14 on the banister makes for quite a collection!  We grilled steaks, played poker, and enjoyed each others' company.  Fun new and old traditions with family.


Uttz Family said...

Our family is soo glad you guys got to be here. Such a treat and we can't wait for the next one down the road. Love ya