Well, finally the last installment in our cruise.  The last two stops we made were both shorter stops:  one morning in Ketchikan, and then an evening stop the next day in Victoria BC.  We had no real plans for either one, so just got off the boat and decided to see what we could see!

In Ketchikan, there was a free shuttle that took Eric, Ben, and I around town (Maggie went with her grandparents to see the Great American Lumberjack Show!)  Apparently the town's biggest attraction is the salmon spawning, which doesn't happen until July/August, but we got to see the river where it happens and the ladders, etc.  
My favorite park of the town was called Creek Street, which used to the the town's red light district!  It is a series of boardwalks on both side of the river and the shops are now art galleries, shops, and restaurants.  We browsed around and bought ourselves a Christmas ornament souvenir, featuring local artwork.

When we got in to Victoria the next day, our ship was actually over an hour late due to "unfavorable currents," so we got off the boat around 7:30pm.  Shar and Tim graciously watched all four kids and the other adults decided to see the town.  We rented a limo (a somewhat ghetto limo, but still) and the very nice driver showed us the sights.  Below is the largest totem pole in the world, something like 124 feet.
Next we went to the Lt.Governor's mansion, which had beautifully manicured grounds and garden.  You can see some cute little ducklings below.
We wrapped up by getting some great sights of the town all lit up for the evening.  A fun way to see the town!  We'll have to go back some day...