Farm Time Fun

We are about to launch on a whole series of posts about our recent cruise to Alaska (whoo hoo!) so stay tuned for those.  Return to blogging in a big new way!  Seriously, like Eric mentioned in our post last month, it's not that we have given up on blogging, but when you lead a transient life, it's hard to find time and internet to be able to share the adventures.  In fact, there are probably MORE adventures than normal, just less time for documenting.  So, we have the pictures and will attempt to share a little tidbit of our lives this past month over the next few weeks. We're really back blogging a lot, but better late than never.  PS...we're in Minnesota right now, so email if you want to get together.

Alright.  So.  We finished up our 6 wks in Colorado and headed east.  It made the most sense to drive to Minnesota and then fly out to Seattle for the cruise, so that when we returned from the cruise we could start visiting right away.  On the way to the Twin Cities, we stopped in Kearney NE, Lincoln (to visit Nathan and Heather), Omaha (the Batchellers), Des Moines (the Guck families) and Spring Grove, MN.  Eric has an aunt and uncle who have a little farm and woodshop in Spring Grove, and I had never been there.  It seemed like a great chance to visit!

The weather was perfect, the scenery was beautiful, and the kids LOVED the animals.  Within moments of our arrival, Maggie was out back helping to feed the chickens and collect eggs (sort of...she just really just put the eggs in a bucket to keep from getting pecked).

There were a few baby kittens on the farm which was totally Maggie's favorite part.  She got to hold one and spent the rest of our time there either talking about it or asking to go and find it again.
Eric's aunt and uncle also have some goats, which were quite large.  Here's a picture of some baby goats they were thinking of taking on as well.
Ben made friends with the cats, too....
....as well as a baby calf.
What a great place to spend a day or two!  Maggie also got to pet some horses and go for a ride in the Bobcat.  Kids really do seem to love farms!  When it was time to leave, Ben plopped himself down on a hay wagon and refused to go.  Hopefully we can go back again someday.


Anonymous said...

There is something magical about farms and baby animals...

Uttz Family said...

I can't wait to take Sierra one day. Jonathan and I loved being there when we went several years back. It's just a great place :)