Where did they go?

This is kind of a "placeholder" post, for those who are wondering if we have abandoned the blog.  The answer is a resounding "no", but we've been quite crazy busy.  There is much to tell, and we will try to get around to it soon.

A little Q&A:

Where are we?  Currently, we are in Seattle, WA, and in a few hours, we will get on a cruise ship with Eric's family to head to Alaska for 7 days.  This has significant implications for Rachel's State Race.  Then, we will be in the Twin Cities for a bit, before heading to Baltimore for a month of tropical medicine for Eric.

Where have we been since Moab?  We were back in Colorado for two weeks of Language Acquisition Training, which was great.  Then, we had a wonderful time visiting friends and family, all the way from Denver to Minneapolis, where we flew to Seattle.

Are you surviving?  Yes.

Do the kids' sleeping patterns suggest that they have any idea what time zone they are in?  No, and the 4am daylight of late May in the Northwest does not seem to help.

Is Eric on crutches?  Yes, due to a story that I'm sure we'll blog on later, but hopefully he'll be off soon.

Should we pray for all of you?  Yes, please.

Are you still enjoying where you are, despite the fact that it sounds (and is) quite nuts sometimes?  Yes, we are.  "The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." (Ps 126) =)


Anonymous said...

I am SO sorry Eric is on crutches. We will keep praying for quick healing! -Kim

Lois Rimbo said...

When are you in Baltimore? Before or after Family Reunion?

You are WAY ahead of us in travels - would love to see Alaska - can't wait to see you all.
Safe travels!