Hard to believe it, but our baby girl turned three years old yesterday.  It was a fun birthday!  We are currently still in Colorado Springs, CO, and Eric's parents came out to visit for the big day.  We went to Garden of the Gods in the morning, and then headed home for a festive PINK lunch.  The lunch featured strawberry applesauce, raspberry lemonade, tomato soup (more orange than pink), and corn dog muffins (the hot dogs were sort of pink, as was the ketchup...).  The cake was, of course, pink.  With pink frosting and princesses.
Here she is, showing off some of her ballerina moves while wearing a favorite gift, PINK ballet slippers.

Here she shows off another favorite gift, a tea-pot shaped castle for her princesses to play in.  Wow, is she a little girl or WHAT? :)

It has been a wonderful adventure these past three years, being Maggie's mommy.  I can only imagine what the future holds.  I am fully expecting that the terrible twos came to an abrupt halt on Tuesday. :)  But regardless, she fills our days with smiles and joys.  Happy birthday, sweetie!


ACES Wild said...

Happy Birthday to Maggie! Yesterday, we were talking about Tante's birthday and Caleb said, "if Tante's birthday is today...then that means Maggie's birthday was yesterday." :) He has a much better memory than his momma. Please give her a hug and high five from the Workman crew!