...And Family Fun at Lake Naivasha

A few days after we enjoyed Lake Nakuru, we headed in to Nairobi via Lake Naivasha, and Crescent Island. We were last here in October with Eric's parents (see here). An amazing place where you take a boat through exotic bird and hippo-filled marshes and arrive on an island full of giraffes, zebras, water buck, and wildebeest, and wander around at will. We were excited to get the chance to return. It ended up being a lot of walking, but the kiddos were troopers and we had lots of fun.

Maggie's lifejacket, while still quite large, fit better than last time.
The highlight was being able to get so close to some beautiful giraffes...maybe about 20 of them or so.
You can see how close we got!
A large herd just hanging out.
We forgot a knife for making PB sandwiches for lunch, so improvised with carrot sticks.
There was a 4 day old baby giraffe on the island, which was awesome to see! How big is a baby giraffe, you ask? About 6 feet tall. We took this pic of the baby and its mommy running, so you can see the size difference.
Maggie was doing Daddy's hair here.
Also saw a few baby zebras (baby on the right), as well as a couple baby wildebeest (but they weren't cute enough for a photo).
Walking, walking, walking.
A fun and beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

Seeing you use the carrot stick reminded me of you eating pudding in high school everyday, and never having a spoon. :) Hilary