Five Years Down...

How many to go? Who's counting? :) Eric and I celebrated five wonderful years of marriage on Dec 31 this year. We actually celebrated on the 30th, since as usual, there were many New Year's Eve party plans on the actual day. It was just a quiet dinner at home, full of reminiscing, but we plan to taking a trip later this month to a nice rainforest retreat a few hours north of here. I can't believe everything that has happened since our wedding, and then everything that will happen in the next five. Wow! Wanted to reminisce with you.

Traveled to Costa Rica for a honeymoon
Eric graduated med school
Bought our first house
Took a disastrous cruise through the Caribbean (redeemed eventually)
Attended sibling weddings of Sami, Jena, and Nathan
Went to Bangladesh/Dubai for a month
Decided to become McCropders
Vacationed in Maine/Canada
Had Maggie!!
Graduated residency
Sold our house (eventually)
Rachel's grandpa died
Moved to Kenya
Became an aunt and uncle for the first time: Sierra!
Found out we were going to have a second baby
Found out we were going to be an aunt and uncle again
Decided to (hopefully) move to Burundi

And, in the midst of all these other things, visited myriads of friends and family from coast to coast, racked up lots of new states and a few new countries, and learned a lot about each other and being married. Here's to hoping the next five are just as full of family, friends, and God's abundant blessings and faithfulness.


Anonymous said...

Congrats, guys! Here's to many more!!

Love, Sami

Anonymous said...

Congrats and blessings in the years to come!
Uttz Family

Anonymous said...

Sweet! Five down, fifty to go!