Doors of Zanzibar

Ah, faithful readers, we have returned from a whirlwind 2 weeks! Sorry for the lack of blogging, but with Zanzibar and Burundi, unfortunately, do not come quick and easy internet access. We'll make it up to you in the upcoming weeks. As is the case with most vacations, one comes home somewhat rested but also tired from all the travelling and finds a whole lot of work waiting for them. Was the trip worth it? Of course! Are we tired? Definitely. We'll try to find time in our busy upcoming weeks to blog appropriately. So this is just a teaser blog of some fun photos Eric took of the doorways scattered throughout historic Stone Town in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Stories and more pics to come!


Kenianisch said...

zanzibar is beautiful. Must visit!!

susan said...

looks to me like doors might be opening for you!