Quiz: "The Price Is Right" at Toyworld

In Nairobi, there is a shopping complex called ABC place, which is a wazungu (white people) oasis. In one place, we can get fresh veggies, excellent meat (including a crocodile steak that I'm eager to try), yummy groceries, fresh groceries, deworming meds, go to a Barclay's ATM, and grab a lunch of awesome cappuccino and a bleu cheese burger. There was even a hair salon specializing in white people's hair, but it has since moved. Alas.

One of the lesser known features of ABC place is ToyWorld, which is on the second floor, but it has long been rumored that you can find all sorts of western kids' toys there, if you were willing to pay the price. A few weeks ago, we decided to venture upstairs to ToyWorld, to see what it was all about. Whoa. You can really find a lot of stuff there.

Listed below are five items we found at ToyWorld, listed in no particular order. We would like you all to guess the price (in USD) of each item. For extra credit, guess which two items are exactly the same price. There is no penalty for over-bidding, so no $1 guesses. Sorry, Bob Barker.

-1 Hotwheels Car
-8 Crayola Markers
-Cranium Game
-600 piece picture puzzle
-Kids bicycle

Answers (with some other pricing just for fun) to be revealed in future post.


Anonymous said...

Hot Wheels $7.00
8 Crayola Crayons $8.00
Cranium $50.00
600 puzzle $20.00
kid's bike $50.00
I really have no idea how to guess....Love, Mariah

Eric Selle said...

$5 -1 Hotwheels Car
$10 -8 Crayola Markers
$60 -Cranium Game
$10 -600 piece picture puzzle
$5 -Kids bicycle

(I just thought it would be funny if the "car" and the bike were the same!)