Sierra Anne Uttz, born April 6 at 6:35pm, weighing in at 6#15oz. We are so excited to be a new aunt and uncle (and cousin, in Maggie's case). Mariah and Sierra are both doing fantastically. We were so blessed to be able to see her only several hours after her birth. Our internet had been down for 2 days, and came back just in time for us to skype with the new family, at 5am our time. The picture was fuzzy, but we got the idea, and it was a special thing to be able to share. Here's our first view of her:And then the "real" picture came the next day. Check out the stylish outfit: a Harley Davidson hat (her father's daughter) and one of Maggie's favorite first outfits, the Kiddopotamus velcro swaddle. Congratulations to the new family! We love you guys!