Celebrating Earth Day (every day)

Several days ago I logged onto Google and was reminded by their decorative home page that it was Earth Day. I've never paid all that much attention to Earth Day before, but Eric and I have tried to be at least a little environmentally conscious (especially when it was also the cheapest option). So I started to think of how I could change my lifestyle to be more Earth friendly and was amused to think of all the lifestyle changes we've made out of necessity in Kenya...that happen to also be more environmental (some of you might have seen the beginning of these musings on my facebook account). So, here's the list.

1--We hang our clothes on the line to dry (recently did buy a dryer for the rainy season...very key to get 4 kids' cloth diapers dry in time for the next usage).

2--We buy local produce (as our only real option)

3--We walk to work (living 5 min from the hospital proper is a plus).

4--We share a vehicle among 3 families...and really don't drive very often

5--Tenwek is powered by a hydroelectric dam

6--We don't heat or cool our house...in fact, it doesn't even have a thermostat

7--We eat veggie for close to half our meals (meat is $$)

8--We collect and filter rainwater for drinking and some washing

9--No junk mail to clutter up the trash can (who'd send it to Kenya, anyways?)

10--Cloth diapers!

So there you go. The solution to healing the Earth is for everyone to move to Kenya. :)


Sara Z. said...

You will be happy to hear, then, that in America this year it's been advertised as "Earth Week." So you're well ahead of the curve on making it "Earth Life!"

Sharlene Hayton said...

what type of diapers do you use? Shar just got some "g diapers".

So I eat veggie all the time - does that make me earth friendly? :)