Rachel and I have spent our anniversary probably in a different state every year, and they have been wonderful, and this year is our first international anniversary.

"I'm home anywhere, if you are where I am." (Rich) Unashamedly, I once again abuse this quasi-public forum to thank my wife for being with me these last 4 years, that she has made so lovely.


krocke said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the Rich quote. We love you guys!

Maureen said...

Happy Anniversary! There are many, many more to come. I am glad you have expanded that love even further this year with the grandchild Rachel's mom (aka the baby whisperer) was already pining for on that day 4 years ago :)

Sara Zillinger said...

Happy Anniversary! Consider this your formal "card," since I didn't mail things when you were stateside, more or less internationally. . . By the time you come back this way, I'll have your wedding album finished!