Requested Photos (of Maggie)

Thought we'd share some cuteness here from our first days at Tenwek. Here's a new Moby wrap hold: Africa style.
This is Rose, Maggie's new Kenyan nanny. She's a very sweet lady, and Maggie seems to really enjoy her, which is a relief for Mommy.
Mags and Mommy sporting 1/2 pint shirts courtesy of Aunt Jena and Chunkle Brian (Clumpie's Ice Cream, yeah!)
Daddy gets to read to 2 little girls now! Maggie seems more interested in Anna than the book (and vice versa!).
Christmas morning, we skyped Grandma and Maggie got to open some presents while Grandma watched, still on Christmas Eve, in Arizona.
Maggie and Abi, in their Christmas finery. The matching colors were not planned.
Maggie, enjoying her new toys (a block set, a puzzle, and 2 books)


Anonymous said...

very sweet. Thanks for sharing.
_Nana Cathye

Jonathan said...

love that happy girl!! it makes me miss her!

Anonymous said...

I look at all these pictures of you Rachel with Maggie and it makes me more excited for our baby girl to come! Love you guys!
Aunt Mariah