Helm's Deep

For the sake of nostalgia, I'll repost this picture, which Justin Steidinger shared with me a few weeks ago. This is circa 1998, around the time when I graduated from high school, playing with my old band "Helm's Deep", which was back in the pre-LOTR movie days, when no one knew that reference. So it was cool, right?

Isaac and Arwen Meek (now Jones), Matt Sigmon, Justin Steidinger, and I played together for a couple years, at various random local venues, mostly for very small audiences, but we had a great time doing it, and I look back fondly on it all.

We knew we would make it famous as a rock band, and that we would be together forever, and we were right.

Thanks, Justin, for the picture.


Unknown said...

This made my day. Thank Eric.. and Justin too I guess. Haha