Return of the Ethnic Bread!

We were down in Phoenix a couple weeks ago, and had a wonderful time hanging with the fam. While there, we decided to re-engage the baking experiments of yore, with a southwestern standard, that it, some kind of fried dough, in this case sopapilla.

Caveat: We did use a mix. In fact, we didn't think of making sopapillas until saw the mix, but later learned it was just flour, baking powder, and salt.

Anyways, it was a good time to use lots of oil, and we leaned that oils have a "smoke point", which is
the equivalent of a boiling point, since they don't boil until temperatures high enough to cause the people around to perish. They didn't turn out particularly fluffy, but they were nice and crispy and were a great excuse for eating lots of honey. We weren't hungry for a very long time afterward.

Viva la fried doughs of the Southwest!