Michigan Visitors

It's been a long, cold, lonely winter up here in Michigan, but the end is in sight. I think most people are waiting to come visit us until our long anticipated daughter makes her entry into this world, but that combined with a postponement of vacation until maternity leave in April/May has made for a very long winter. So we were especially excited when Eric's cousin Alex Blanski and his fiancee Tabitha came to visit us this past weekend. We visited them in Chicago last August and had made plans for a followup visit...so seven months later, here we were.

I can't say Ann Arbor is quite as exciting as Chicago, but we tried our best with a little Knights and Cities action, Ticket to Ride, stimulating conversation on all manner of topics, and ethnic cuisine. We taught Alex and Tab how to make naan and chicken tikka masala. Yummy! We also toured the undergrad campus, U of M's new "green" business school, and some other campus sights. Thanks for coming, guys!