Plundering the Egyptians

Good friend and fellow McCropder Dr. Jason Fader, general surgery maestro, had an elegant residency graduation ceremony last night. We ate off gold plates, had ribs to die for, sipped drinks with very fancy names, and enjoyed watching Jason win every chief resident award his department offers. Some would say that this is because he was the only chief resident (the others having left or taken years off for research), but those people are cynics who doubt the undeniable greatness of Dr. Fader.

Since the entire ceremony was in his honor, he was able to invite us along, which was much fun, and we got to meet his and his wife Heather's families. They asked Jason if he had any preference for a musical act during the appetizers, and he graciously recommended they hire me. Then he used his very powerful mind control techniques to get them to pay me far more than I deserved. So, one hour of piano, and I make bank. That's right - bank. I thought maybe I should leave medicine and pursue a financially stable career as a musician. Jason told me that the purpose of this was not for me to fall away from God's calling for us to go and work in Africa. So I asked what was the purpose? He shrugged. "Just plundering the Egyptians, I guess." Victory over The Man.