No One Died or Was Maimed

We are back. This past week was one of our precious vacations, and per a couple previous posts, we had planned a (rather ambitious) venture that consisted in bringing both sides of our families white-water rafting on the Ocoee, as well as 3 days of canoeing on the Tennessee River (see below for map of route). A good time was had, to be sure. It was really hot and rained more than we thought it would. We'll let the pictures tell the stories. Thanks again to the Chaffins, without whose help, we would have been vacationless.2 hours into the trip, Nathan, Brian, Eric S, and Josiah pose with a giant catfish we found attached to a buoy, that died shortly thereafter. Let that be a lesson to you. (?)
Evening #1: Secondary to quite a bit of rain, we made dinner at the only covered spot on Williams Island, an exquisite outhouse. Chili never tasted so good.

Day #2: We find two rope swings, of which this was the 2nd and larger. See above title for summation of thoughts regarding this awesome feature.

Panorama of us during the last leg.

The Weary Warriors at the end of our 20+ mile journey. Not pictured here is the awesome sunburn sustained by Jonathan and Josiah.


The Drs. McLaughlin said...

No one died or was maimed...but Rachel did get a hefty dose of poison ivy (the results of which are residing behind her left knee), and also pulled a tick off her person that Eric deemed "engorged" (with Rachel's blood, no doubt). Ah, nature.