We did, in fact, celebrate Christmas

Before we get too far into 2008, we should at least make mention of the end of 2007. We worked Christmas, before heading down to TN for McLaughlin festivities. For our gifts to each other, we got tickets to see Over The Rhine at a relatively small folk venue in Ann Arbor. General admission, and we sat on the second row. Very cool. Then, on Christmas Eve, we had a fab dinner (obtained with a Whole Foods Gift card) of crab-stuffed portabello mushrooms (you don't even know...) and of course the obligatory Christmas mulled mead.

TN was lovely with the family, who graciously held off until the 27th when we could be there, before having all the "real" holiday celebrations. We're reposting the McLaughlin Christmas photo here, a composite since there wasn't much in the way of a good chance with us all together this year. Note that we are the only couple not showing affection to each other in the picture. We would like to here state that this is a completely cultural phenomenon, such actions being taboo in Bengali culture. This does not represent any cooling of our affections as we head into our third year of marriage. We did get to visit Sami and Jonathan down in Chattanooga, and saw Curt and Chris Chaffin as well, home from their wild and crazy adoption adventure.