Bread of the Month Club (AKA Naan-vana)

Eric and I have come to the realization that, with our future plans, many things we love in this life may not be very readily available to us come two years from now. I’m sure we’ll continually be surprised at the availability of things in Africa, but best to plan ahead. So, for example, if we cannot live without Indian food, we should figure out how to cook it ourselves. And there are many bread-type staples throughout the world that are not only fun, but versatile and tasty as well. We are launching on a goal of learning how to make a different bread each month. Because we had already bought our groceries for the month of January by the time this plan hatched itself in my brain, by default January was going to be “Naan” month. It went with Chicken Tikka Masala, which we had already learned how to make (allrecipes.com is the best site ever!).
Above you can see a picture of our results. Obviously, Eric is one happy little naan boy! We mixed up the dough and cooked it on our pizza stone. Our friend Carlan, always a good friend to experiment on, is quoted as saying it was “addictive.” Success! Future breads of the month include pita, tortillas, and crusty French bread.