Wine Review

I was listening to NPR this past summer and heard a segment about how the Bordeaux wines from the 2005 season were being called "the best vintage in the last fifty years". I knew then that we would spare no cost to to experience this gustatory rarity. Thus, on our next expedition to Trader Joe's, where such a vintage can be purchased for $6, we let down our normally frugal defenses, and took the plunge. We kept it until an occassion suitable for such elegance, namely our friends Adam and Kelly Rogers visiting a month ago. The complexity of the palatal sensations accompanying such a wine took a full month to process, so it is not until now that we are prepared to offer the following review:

The 2005 Bordeaux experience starts with a smooth uncorking that exudes the most delicate hint of caramel and English toffee. It stands strong in the decanter and displays thin leg support in the crystal itself. The frontal palate senses textures of oak, beech, and bamboo with the nose of a cherry. Just before a finish of a chocolate nutmeg tail, there is subtle but definite distinction which is a mixture of an apricot in one hand, a pineapple in the other, and a heart that beats of cinnamon. We decided it would be best to draw a picture of it using Microsoft Paint. We posted it here.

In all, we would like to officially add our endorsement to Le Figaro, who states "Face to these perfect climatic conditions, numerous wine growers also made a real gustative choice and punched the fruit around the body. Some wine-makers have never seen such a lively fruit!"


Anonymous said...

That was hi-larious.