Merry Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas family, friends, and blogosphere! Many of you already know how most of our year went, and if you really want a whole lot of details, we refer you to the rest of this website. =)

The holiday season of 2007 also marks the end of our second year of marriage. What a great thing our marriage is. Rachel works a whole bunch at the hospital, and so does Eric, but the important thing is that we still learn, and we take it on faith that all our efforts are resulting in care of the sick and needy. And the schedules aren't as bad as they once were. Together we have delivered enough babies to fill 75.18 minivans (minus the driver; babies don't drive. Babies don't ride in the front passenger seat either, but don't be picky.)

We continue to travel, read, love music, play German board games, geocache, and try to find ways to carve out time with our friends and families. We look to the future, which is not at all far away, and start to set wheels in motion for our careers abroad in medical missions. And in the rush, we do well to stop and seek God, source of life. May God bless your Christmas. May our eyes be opened to know him.

February on Antigua, Eastern Caribbean

Rachel in DC in March

In San Francisco with our friends Adam and Kelly in May

Canoeing Ann Arbor with Mom and Dad in May

Sami and Jonathan's June Wedding in Nashville

Eric and Clayton celebrate their Alma Mater's committment to 'American Idol'

(See "September" for lots of Bangladesh/UAE pictures)

We carve a monacled pumpkin after the fashion of Mr. Peanut in October

Yay! Rachel's family in MN in November!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Thanks for keeping in touch. We're looking forward to seeing you after Christmas. Love, Nana

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. All is well for me here in Stuart, Fl. It got up to 82 deg. today. Beach weather.

I will be in St.Augustine for Christmas with my sisters and their family.

Take care to you and your family.

Love and blessings,
Paul Billington

Anonymous said...

Two years of marriage. What a blessing from God! I still have very fond memories of Christmas 2005!

Love from your Bro,
Eric <><

P.S. I hate to bring down the cute saying in your "About Us" section of your blog site, but you do not, in fact, live in "the only town in the US starting with Yps" See this news article:



Anonymous said...

Always great hearing from my dear brother and sister in law. We are so glad we'll be spending the holidays with you soon!
Love, Mariah

Unknown said...

Wow, you and Clayton have a really similar fashion sense.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas docs! We have a Christmas card for you, but we are having a hard time tracking down an address for you guys. Can you email it? My email is maureen.bronson@charter.net.