Other People's Fall Break

We had the pleasure of Eric’s sisters Sami and Jena, along with husband Jonathan and fiancé Brian (respectively), coming up and spending their fall break from Chattanooga with us here in Michigan. We absolutely loved it, and hope they will come again soon. Some highlights: Sami and Jonathan were locked outside at 5am and had to call Eric in bed to be let into the house. Jonathan and Brian ate Chinese Candied Crabs and washed it down with some iced coffee in a can. They all were taught how to dumple, and the result was a great meal topped off with some tasty red bean paste buns. Then, some obligatory Washtenaw Dairy ice cream followed by Jonathan and Brian performing their classic Stupid Human Trick acrobatics on a full stomach.

For those who don't know them personally, there is a less ridiculous picture of Sami and Jena posted here. Jonathan and Brian are kind of par for the course in the above shot.

Needless to say, the visit’s brevity was its only drawback. Laughter and love, my friends: Gifts of God.