Garden Bounty Totals

As any faithful reader of this blog knows (as I’m sure you are), we have spent the summer gettin’ jiggy with the soil (a phrase I stole from Thoreau). Our community garden plot has served us very well. Minor problems with stealth veggie theft in the night, resulting in no bell pepper production, but our bounty supersedes such evils of the world. This evening, clad in attire appropriate for a blistery Michigan October, we harvested the last of our garden, and here are our summer totals:

Green Beans: 52
Cukes: 20
Zucchini: 17
Regular Tomatoes: 39
Peas: 206 (pods, that is)
Basil (seen above): 91 ounces
Cherry tomatoes: 220

And the grand winner is our volunteer tomatoes, grown but not planted, harvesting where we did not sow a total of 342 tomatoes of varying shapes, sizes, and even colors (we had a fun yellow pear-shaped breed).

We’re already planning next year’s plot, which we hope will be twice the size. We are determined to add bell peppers, chili peppers, carrots, green onions, cilantro, garlic, romaine, and spinach to our haul. Stop by the house and we’ll be glad to share the tomatoes.