Garden Bounty

It's not often that I would post such a ridiculously happy photo of myself, but sometimes that's just the honest way of it. Witness the bounty that is our aforementioned community garden produce. Daily do we take a short walk down the street to water the veg, and almost daily to we return with bounty. Rachel's been keeping a "bounty tab" on our fridge, and the peas have an easy lead, but as the picture demonstrates, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cukes, zuchs, beans, and basil are also making a fine contribution to our dinner plates. The aphorism about people in Minnesota not leaving their cars unlocked in zucchini season (lest a passerby drop a zucchini in) is ringing true in a new way. Zucchini bread, zucchini pancakes (so good!), and a nice little Italian dish a friend recommended "zucchini oreganati" (say it with a Luigi-from-the-Simpsons accent and it sounds yummier). Good times. We'll try and give you the final tally when the summer is up.


Tim and Lisa said...


We too, discovered years ago, the meaning of travel and most excellent "ethnic" food! Our two favorite pastimes!! I am glad we share that with you two!! I even made my own garam masala for when the Indian food craving strikes the farm house!! Tim and Lisa