Our Community Garden

Last year, upon moving into our antique abode "Grey Haven", one of the things we were most excited about, along with not having to scrape snow off our windshields every morning, was the idea of growing a garden. In our apartment, before moving in, we start our seedlings in little cups, and as soon as we planted them in our omni-shady backyard, the plants organized a revolt with our resident squirrels and promptly died, leaving a summer-wide collective harvest of 1 cherry tomato, which we staunchly ripened, and split between the two of us.

This year, revenge is ours. Our cool neighborhood association runs a few community organic gardens, and we got in for a nominal fee. Our 8x8 plot has a total of 11 vegetables in it, and they thrive. Thrive beyond any plot that the nearby squirrels could fathom. Fun way to meet the neighbors, and we'll keep you posted when the harvest comes in.


mclaughlin said...

Yes, the parents Tim and Shar were there this past spring to witness the struggling garden in their backyard and the great potential in the neighborhood plot. A wise decision on their part. Just wait to hear about the gigantic vegies that will be filling their new kitchen before being eaten with pure enjoyment.