Waves and Breakers

recording finished in 2009

all songs by Eric McLaughlin, except the guitar lick on "Waves and Breakers" by Isaac Meek, a very long time ago.

"When You've Gone Away" engineered by Joseph Bamber, with lead guitar by Trevor Mathieson

Songs put into order by Rachel

1. Traveling Mercies (2005) - written in Zambia, remembering the fun of running around Turkey with Rachel. There's a lovely inside joke in there.
2. Before We Have Given (2009)- the first night Maggie came home from the hospital, she cried for 5 hours, and I realized we all live by grace.
3. Ribbon Road (2007)- another traveling song for Rachel
4. Turning Point (2008)- much of who we are is formed gradually and realized retrospectively, but the moments when you know its happening right then can be intense.
5. Sacred Head (2005)- written in Zambia about a victim of horrific domestic violence
6. Deepest Parts (2004)- just a persistent prayer
7. Aria (2006)- a wedding song for our friends Adam and Kelly
8. Gravity Can Find Voice (2006)- songwriting: the perfect excuse to talk about matters deemed too serious for everyday conversation
9. When You've Gone Away (2005)- written in the middle of observing a surgery, for Rachel, while she was in Africa
10. Until She Does (2003)- Autumn's painting again...
11. Jacob's Ladder Down (2006)- thanks to Chuck Jacob for this idea
12. Waves and Breakers (2009)- it's a crazy thing to try and follow God