International Travel Log

International travels (and, to a lesser extent, maps in and of themselves) being a great love of ours, we thought we'd post a map with our international travels.


E: 2/15: DR Congo for mobile eye surgery camp
ER: 12/14: Family vacation to Rwanda
ER: 5/14: Conference in Greece
ER: 8/13: Move to Burundi, via 1 month stay at Tenwek, Kenya
ER: 9/12-7/13: Move to Albertville, France, with trips to Switzerland, Italy, and Spain
E: 7/11: Uganda
ER: 9/10: Zanzibar, Tanzania and Burundi
ER: 12/09: Move to Tenwek, Kenya
ER: 8/08: Vacation to Montreal and Quebec City
ER: 8-9/07: Malumghat Hospital, Bangladesh, and brief UAE holiday
ER: 2/07: Cruise to Puerto Rico, St Thomas, Sint Maarten, Antigua, St. Lucia, Barbados.
ER: 1/06: Honeymoon to Costa Rica
ER: 10/05: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany (vacation)
E: 8-10/05: Zambia, Botswana at Mukinge Mission Hospital, side trip to Oxford
ER: 5/05: Turkey (vacation), first int'l trip together
R: 1-3/05: Swaziland, SA at Nazarene Hospital, briefly in UK
E: 2/04: Honduras at Loma de Luz Hospital
E: 5-6/03: Hungary, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Croatia with SOZO Music festival
R: 6-8/02: Cambodia with medical work, also side trip to Thailand
E: 5-7/02: Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania with SOZO Music festival
E: 5-6/01: UK, Ireland (study abroad and vacation)
R: 1/01: All over New Zealand and brief trip to Australia (vacation)
R: 1/99: UK, France, Italy (Study abroad)
E: 5-6/94: Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, the Azores (family vacation)

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Eric Selle said...

So, Ben has been to Pennsylvania but Maggie hasn't? Interesting. . .