Six Years Being Remembered

Recorded 2003

all songs by Eric McLaughlin

All tracks produced by Jeff Bourque, except tracks 3 and 8, produced by Ryan Pryor

Other musicians:
-Jeff Bourque: BGVs on 2,6,9, hammered dulcimer on 1, guitar on 4, mandolin on 5, percussion on 6, 9
-David Ray: Percussion on 1, 2, 10
-Jason Harris: Bass on 8
-David May: Electric guitar on 8
-Josh Cellan: Drums on 8

1. Whiter Snow (2000)- inspired by the slight snows of Tennessee
2. Curling (2001)- of train rides in Scottish hillsides
3. Queen of Flight (1998)- God brings wings
4. Ravensbruck (2003)- Corrie ten Boom and sacrifice at a level that scares me
5. The Peacemaker Himself Fashions a Fit (2001)- for Clayton and Teresa's wedding
6. Still Remembered (2003)- from hopeful people-watching, mostly as a camp counselor
7. The Charis Hills (2002)- even more beautiful from farther away
8. Morning's Brightest Path (1999)- my rock-star debut (and retirement)
9. All I've Seen (1997)- a song from when I was 16
10. End of the Day (2003)- of the subtle moment right before sleep, when everything comes clear