Spain/Belgium Pictures

The Sevilla cathedral

At the top of the cathedral tower, at noon...listening to the bells!

Plaza de Espana, Sevilla

Crystal Palace, Madrid

Maggie in Retiro Park, Madrid, next to her favorite kind of roses

Ben, same place, his favorite roses
Retiro Park, some street performer making HUGE bubbles!

Legolas's knives!  All the lOTR swords were made in Toledo, Spain

View of the medieval city of Toledo, 30 min outside Madrid

Cathedral of Toledo

Churros and chocolate!

Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Water park fun in Madrid

Chocolate milk break from the splashing :)

Mannekin Pis (not the real one, obviously)

Brussels Park

Aaaaaaawesome waffle!!!!!

Aaaaand tasty fries

Day trip to Ghent, in front of one of the 3 major cathedrals

Ghent canals (like Amsterdam!)

Yes indeed, macaroons from McDonalds in Ghent