We're Not in Burundi Anymore....

Burundi, while it has its share of unique experiences, does not have many of the entertainment factors of America.  So, one of the "fun" things we've enjoyed during our months here is simply giving our kids (and enjoying ourselves) a bunch of things that just aren't possible for us in Burundi.

1.  Tubing/water sports of any kind.  There are some very nice pools in Buja.  And there is a lake (with crocs and hippos).  But I'm pretty sure the average Burundian fishing boat does not have enough horse power to get me to catch air like this.

2.  Theme restaurants.  Bujumbura has 3 restaurants that we've ever visited.  Maybe there are a few more.  But I'm guessing that there are no restaurants in Burundi where you can dress up like a firefighter while you wait for your pizza.  (also, there are really no fire trucks, so that helps me make an educated guess)

3.  Zoos.  In fact, while we've been on some awesome safaris, they have not been in Burundi.  And the Rwanda gorillas cost way more than a $2 donation at the Como Zoo to see.  And...there's no carousels in Burundi.

4.  Surprisingly, bowling.  While visiting friends in MN, they introduced us to a program where kids bowl free in the summer.  The bowling place had ramps and bumpers, so all the kids could play and actually get a decent score!

(although, Toby got bored after 5 frames and sought other entertainment...)