"Ski" Day!

I had this post all ready and forgot about it...better late than never!  Our whole school took a "field trip" up to a nearby ski resort on Valentine's Day.  I have skied before, if you count Wisconsin and Minnesota hills as skiing, but Eric has never been before.  This is probably the only time in our lives when we'll live in the Alps, so we decided to go.  I of course was out (downhill skiing NOT being one of the recommended activities for pregnant ladies to engage in), but went along to enjoy the alpine scenery.

Eric bravely strapped on his skis and after a few pointers, headed down the bunny slopes.  Here he is! (seconds before wiping out)

Maggie came along as well, and we tried a variety of activities such as sledding.  She was not so game at first, especially because Eric had been reading her Frog and Toad stories about sleds crashing into trees, but as long as she was sitting on my lap on the sled she enjoyed it.

After about 2 hrs, Eric decided he was done with his lift pass and needed a break.  So Maggie and I were able to ride the ski lift up to a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.  Gorgeous!  Maggie had no fear of heights.  The lift ride took at least 5 minutes, much longer than the Wisconsin version. :)

Mags and I also rode the "Mountain Twister", a roller coaster type sled that went around lots of curves quickly.  I couldn't see why a pregnant lady and 3 yr old shouldn't be able to ride it.  She loved the speed and so did I. :)  So in the end, not a whole lot of skiing happened on our ski day, but it was fun none the less and we enjoyed a chance to see the beautiful mountains and beautiful views.