Chasing Andrew Peterson in Concert

It was 1998, and I was a freshman at Belmont.  My friend Stephen played me a couple songs from a compilation CD.  It was a friend of his from Florida.  I liked it, but declined his invitation to go see his live show.  Why?  Because when you live in Nashville, there is always another concert to see.

This was the first time I heard Andrew Peterson, and since then, I have grown to appreciate his music and songwriting more and more.

I moved to Ann Arbor in 2002, and when I would come back to Tennessee to visit, I was more eager to see good shows when they were offered.  Jeff Bourque asked if I wanted to go and see Andrew at the Franklin Mercantile with Andrew Osenga, Jeremy Casella, and Matthew Perryman Jones.  Since I had never seen him, I definitely was excited.  They were taking turns sharing songs.  AP would go last, and during the third song, he left the stage suddenly.  He returned to say that his kid had suddenly gotten sick, and he had to go.  Alas.

Andrew never came to Ann Arbor during my seven years there.  Around 2004, I told my parents that he was doing a Christmas show in Nashville, and they have since enjoyed multiple rounds of his Christmas home show.  Meanwhile, Rachel and I look every year at the schedule and try to finagle how we can make a show.  This past year, wandering through 29 states of our fair country, we would periodically check his schedule to see if we could intersect.  We made a couple plans, but they always fell apart.

Rachel (who by now has the same desire to catch him live sometime) had an idea last December.  Through a website called StageIt, she discovered that Andrew sometimes gives live web concerts, that a certain number of people can buy "tickets" to.  There was one on his Christmas tour.  Did we want to try it?  It's not the same thing, but considering that we live in France, and are moving to Burundi, perhaps we shouldn't be too picky.

Let's do it.  We bought the ticket.  Andrew got to his next concert venue only to discover that the internet there wasn't fast enough to webcast the concert.  So it was cancelled.  Such is our destiny.

But with the new year came another StageIt show, this time from his home.  We had nothing to lose, since StageIt had given us credit in their account when the last one was cancelled, so we signed on again.

The time came, we logged on, et voila!  

The internet was too slow in our apartment to stream the show.  So we hoofed it to the hallway outside our apartment to get closer to the wireless router.  Still no good.  So we went down a flight of stairs, and sat directly beneath the router.  It worked just well enough.  Here's the photo.  Sitting in the dark (the lights are on a timer) on the floor of our ancient French apartment building, we finally enjoyed almost an hour of Andrew playing songs, with help from Andy Gullahorn and Randall Goodgame.  We heard some new cover tunes, and a couple stories behind songs that we hadn't known before.  

A long-evaded goal finally achieved?  Not totally, but we're happy enough for now.


Marina said...

I have a growing appreciation for AP and his music and can relate in a miniscule way to your saga! I attended a conference for worship leaders in Franklin, TN 2 yrs ago and was excited to hear that AP & entire Christmas show ensemble would be a featured artist one afternoon. Sadly, we ended up having to leave the conference just minutes before they took the stage. I heard later that it was the very best part of the conference. Sigh. So, along came Christmas 2012, just 1 month ago, and our church worship team decided to forego their usual Christmas Eve service in favor of AP's "Behold The Lamb" and I was invited to be part of the team performing it. I was so blessed by the playing & hearing & experiencing of the music. Here's a link to our live recording sans editing... https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B21X_ytXkZEtdDF6QS1CeEFJQkk/edit

not bad, huh?

Love hearing your updates as I "lurk" and anticipate your presence in Burundi this fall. My husband and I will be there for 90 days from April to July and then hope to return again before the end of the year. Maybe one day we will just run into you or one of your team!

Anonymous said...

He just played at our home church this past weekend and we're in Switzerland!!! How funny. :)