A bit of fun with French

Every language has their fun points, and most speakers of said language are probably unaware of them.  Here's a few from French thus far:

1.  Pourboire:  I don't know the etymology of this word, but it is the word for "a tip", i.e. what you leave a server (if you leave one at all here in Europe).  It's a compound word:  For-drink.  I can imagine two possibilities:  The first is that you are leaving a pourboire as a thanks "for your drink".  The second is that you are leaving a little something for the server to have a drink later on.

2.  Pain Perdu:  I had actually seen this at Mimi's, the yummy breakfast place near Rachel's mom's in Arizona.  It's the french word for French toast.  I mean, it can't be "french toast" to the french, right?  It literally means "the lost bread", meaning that you usually make pain perdu out of the old stale bread that has been otherwise lost.  A nice little redemption picture, really.
3.  Love, as in the tennis score:  During Wimbledon, I was reading a bit on the origins of tennis.  It's actually an old game, and is thought to have originated in France.  The scoring of "love-15-30-40" is a bit lost in legend, but the most feasible explanation for "love" (i.e. a score of zero) is the french word l'oeuf. (which actually sounds quite similar...)  It means "the egg", or as we might say, "a big goose-egg."