Flying Without Kids

In a couple hours, Rachel and I are flying to Philadelphia for two days, to debrief some final things with the World Harvest Mission home office.  The kids are staying with some very kind friends, the Paternosters.  This will be the first time that we have flown together without kids in a very long time.

The result of this.

  1. We will not get to priority board
  2. People that see us might think we are savvy travelers.  In fact, we have become more adept and savvy at traveling since rising to challenge of flying with kids  But you would never know it to look at us.  There is no possible way to be smooth going through security with 2 small kids, a stroller, a diaper bag, 2 laptops, a couple cups of milk, and a electronic toy that needs to go through the scanner again.  But nevertheless, we have learned much.
  3. You need not fear being behind us in the security line.
  4. We will not check bags.
  5. We may even read a book. =)