Reunion, Part II

Back to the reunion.  Several other fun activities...one was Christmas in July.  Instead of exchanging gifts this year, we all brought a white elephant gift and played "robber bingo", where you can choose a gift or steal someone else's gift when you get a Bingo.
 Poor Rachel, my new sister in law to be.  She probably opened and lost about 5 or 6 gifts (many of which she needed this knife to open).  I guess she doesn't look too sad about it.
 One of the gifts was a gingerbread man kit.  Some older cousins got their hands on it and decided to be creative....
 Fortunately, there were real cookies to enjoy as well, courtesy of master cookie decorator Joyce (my mom's cousin).
 Then it was off to a nice lodge for a shower for Rachel.  She and Josiah will be getting married this December, yay!  Three sisters:
 More sisters (Angie and Debbie)
 Joan and her new daughters (Heather and Rachel)
 We gave Rachel gifts and advice, with hopefully a bit of humor.
 Back at "the ranch," Maggie always found plenty of people to read to her.  Ben wanted in on the action too, and Aunt Haidee happily obliged.  They were in heaven. :)
 Family skit night.  The Rimbos read a story about the mixed up states.
 Eric and Josiah played a goofy Japanese game show.
 Liane and kids tried to stuff 2 ping pong balls into their mouths at the same time (it didn't work).
 The Zillingers played "yankee doodle dandy" as Greg bopped each one on the head (it was sort of in tune).
 And as a finale, Uncle Bob reprised his role as a woman (this year, Lady Liberty).  It seems to be a recurring theme.
 Finally, time to say goodbye.  We took some family photos on the deck.
 Ben and godfather Josiah.
 Sara and cutie-pie Zoe.
 And the new generation of inlaws.
Miss everyone already, and can't wait for the next one (whenever it may be).


Lois Rimbo said...

Love the posting, Rachel!! You've got some great pictures. As for us - we're trying to figure out how to get to Paris (first) and then Berundi!