Easter Eggs

We spent Easter with my cousin Sara in the Denver area.  It was great!  Eric worked through Good Friday and we needed to be in Colorado by Monday, so I ended up flying with the kids, and Eric drove the 18 hours Fri night/Saturday.  We both think we got the better end of the deal. :)

Unfortunately I didn't get any cute photos of the Easter apparel, but here are some other pics from Easter.

 We had only been at the Zillinger's for a few minutes when Ben found his favorite toy.
 Maggie and Keira became good friends!
 Ben loved Elijah's cars
 As well as Jaina pushing him in a "real" car
 We dyed 4-5 dozen eggs, yikes!  Maggie really got into it.
 Sunday afternoon we did an egg hunt.  Maggie and Ben's eggs were orange...nice to have the color coding so each kid had their own eggs to find!
 Mags LOVED finding the eggs
The boys, chillin' after the egg hunt


Uttz Family said...

like the color coding idea....will have to remember that.