And so it goes here in Kenya, and everywhere in life, that goodbyes need to be said. They are hard, but we look forward to seeing everyone again within the next 6 months, which makes it easier.

First, and hardest, we said goodbye to our friends the Popps. They have been here in Kenya with us for the past 9 months. They have helped, encouraged, taught, and most importantly, delivered our little boy. Here they are for one last shot with Ben...he's about 6-7 lbs heavier than the last photo of the 3 of them together! They'll be returning to the US to work again in Ann Arbor, so we hope to see them this fall.
Maggie in particular took to the Popps' daughter, Anna. In fact, she's the first person who Maggie called by first and last name. She would wander around calling for "Anna Popp!" Anna was so sweet to play with Maggie, read her books, and push her on the swings.
The same day we said goodbye to Rachel, a short termer here for 2 months. She helped provide childcare during our week retreat at Malindi, and Mags took to her immediately. She's returning to finish an MPH degree in Kentucky, so we hope our paths cross this fall as well.
And finally, a hello AND goodbye! Mary Elizabeth, our indispensable PRP secretary, supporter, and cheerleader, came out for a brief visit to Kenya. It was SO great to see her, even if it was a brief visit. We could not do what we do here without people like her.