One Year Anniversary

One year ago, we packed up 8 suitcases and departed the US for Tenwek Hospital. We celebrated this morning by having a candle-light breakfast (because the power was out, not because we were really all that festive). Hard to believe it's been a year, in some ways. Seems like quite a long time in others. Next year at this time, we'll be drinking egg nog that we bought in the store. Adding flavored coffee creamers to our coffee that we didn't have to make ourselves. Eating cereal for breakfast, because it's not $8-10/box. Driving around in a car on the right side of the road, to do something frivolous like running to Target for one thing. Strapping TWO kids into their carseats to make the short trip.

One year from now, we'll have said goodbye to many friends. Wearing heavier coats because it won't be 7o degrees every day. Unable to walk to most of our errands/to work. Buying milk at the store instead of having it dropped off at our door every morning. In transition once more. We have enjoyed many parts of living in Kenya so far, and saying goodbye in another year will be bittersweet, I'm sure. Thanks for your prayers. We continue to seek the Lord's guidance on next steps, and will keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

Happy One year anniversary at Bomet in Kenya. Life will be different next year at this time and then even more different two years at this time. It has been a transition for all of your family as well. We have not been able to pick up the phone and call you at any time, drive or fly to see you without paying a very large amount of money, but MOST of all we have all terribly missed time with Eric, Rachel and Maggie. It will be a killer to wait to meet our new granddaughter. BUT through all of this we have developed a great peace that this is where you are supposed to be serving at this time. And we are proud of you and happy for you. Much Love, Mom (Mimi)