Several weeks ago, Rachel spent the evening making some truly delicious lemon poppyseed scones. They were to be for breakfast. We were apparently not the only ones to come to that conclusion. In the morning, we woke up, and found this picture. One or two had been thoroughly nibbled. In the background, the window was open.

The significance of the window is that we don't have any screens, and most of the days our two doors stay open all day long. Thus, unless the open window and the devoured scones were a coincidence, the perpetrator was likely something biggish. I'm going to go with bird. It's not the only option, but it is the most comfortable one.

On another "critter" note, you may recall that we keep a pet gecko, named Kiboko Kidogo, or "little hippo". In truth, we keep a number of geckos, since our windows and doors don't close solidly enough to prevent a fluid coming and going of such sneakers, and we can't tell them apart. This is one of the Kibokos below.
Well, apparently roosting at our place has its perils. Yesterday, I opened the door to the back hallway. I noticed a little bulge at the intersection of the door and the wall, near the hinges. It appears that one of our Kibokos slid into the seam of the door at precisely the wrong time, when someone decided to close it. He was stuck. And flat. Very, very flat. And therefore not so much in the land of the living anymore, either. Rest in peace, little hippo.


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Do you have raccoons there or...